Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who Need’s Writers When u Got Fighters!

Sup douschebags its Guy Ernest Here!

What the writer’s are striking? Ooh I’m shaking.

Wait what? Oh baby AMERICAN GLADIATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not daly shoe
Not colbair report


American gladiators is the big show of 0 8.

Looks like brawns beat brains again.

These douschebags keep talking about how computers will take over tv and lunchtime will take over prime time.

Looks like the ladies still prefer nighttime beefcake to daytime queefcake. Sorry nerds but your time is up.

American Gladiators made me think of my own show.

A remake of Yo Momma: Street Fighter edition

It’s a remake of yo momma but if you can’t think of a comeback, you throw a medicine ball at the opponent and down an alcoholic drink of your choice with redbull.

Oh baby. Solid primetime television hit!

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