Friday, January 12, 2007

Meathead TV

Whats up douchebags. It's Guy Ernest here. Bye bye TV run by nerds, hello meathead TV. Apple TV will let meatheads upload their video to the TV. Ooh baby. Now the world can see my muscles. Oh and the girls I bang. Check this one out. Oh baby.

Even better, nerdy fruitcake journalists with glasses (the Clark Kents) will drop off and manly journalists who look good on camera (Supermen) will win with citizen journalism. All I need is a videocamera and CBS will be shaking in its snakeskin boots. Ha ha clark kents you thought writing was good enough. No; that's the beauty; now with all this technology NO ONE WILL READ NEWSPAPERS AND YOU WILL JUST WATCH THE NEWS! WHICH MEANS UGLY NERDS WHO ONLY KNOW HOW TO WRITE WILL BE REPLACED MORE AND MOORE BY MEATHEADS AND BIMBOS WHO LOOK GOOD AND KNOW HOW TO POINT A CAMERA. THANK THE GREEK MUSCULAR GODS! OH BABY!

I'm inspired by Macho Videos. All macho videos all the time. Sorry geeks; no iPhone here. Just babes. All they need is bubbles and it will be the best website ever.

I'm gonna make a channel for APple TV in the future called MTV or Meathead TV. In the future there will be no music; just sex sounds turned into music by Matmos. Solid gold sex noise hits!

Now I know I'm hotter than a steaming pile of horseshit at Disney World, but even I can be wrong.


After seeing this Wii Sex movie I'm gonna make meathead Wii movies.

Oh baby! Seriously, I wanna make a show on Meathead TV with Wii milfs. Or Wiilfs. Maybe I'll make a film called Teen Wiilf. Or Hungry for the Wiilf. Or Castle Wiilfenstein. Or Warner Wiilf. Let's go to the video tape!

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