Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Guy Ernest Hemingway

After reading this timeline on nerd history, I was inspired to write a timeline of meathead history. The most important novelist in meathead history is Ernest Hemingway. In my audio post I read my Ernest Hemingway-style short story. In fact, I think I'll make the title of this post Guy Ernest Hemingway.

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Here's the meathead timeline (quotes are from Wikipedia)

*1,000,000 BC - Boxing and prostitution are invented

* 1744 - "The earliest known mention of [baseball] is in a 1744 British publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book by John Newbery. It contains a wood-cut illustration of boys playing "base-ball" (showing a similar set-up to the modern game, yet significantly different) and a rhymed description of the sport"

* 1861 - "The Oneida Football Club, formed in Boston in 1861, is claimed by some sources as the first American football team."

* 1891 - "In early December 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian physician of McGill University and minister on the faculty of college for YMCA professionals (today, Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts, sought a vigorous indoor game [basketball] to keep his Canadian students occupied and at proper levels of fitness during the long New England winters."

* 1903 - First World Series

* 1925 - "Hemingway's American literary debut came with the publication of the short story cycle In Our Time "

* 1938 - "The first known reference to an anabolic steroid in a US weightlifting/bodybuilding magazine is testosterone propinate in a letter to the editor in Strength and Health magazine"

* 1951 - "In the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire, the character Stanley Kowalski (played by Marlon Brando) is frequently seen wearing tank tops"

* 1955 - First NBA finals

* 1967 - First Super Bowl

* 1972 - "Rock and Roll Part II" released

* 1976 - "Rocky"

* 1977 - Arnold smokes a doobie in "Pumping Iron"

* 1978 - "We Will Rock You" and "Macho Man" released in the same year

* 1982 - Howard Stern makes his WNBC debut

* 1984 - "The Terminator" is released

* 1985 - "Rambo First Blood Part II" released-both Terminator and RFBP2 are written by James Cameron

* 1986 - Schooly D's "PSK," considered by many the first gangsta rap song, released

* 1989 - Andrew Dice Clay releases the best comedy album of all time, "Dice"

* 1991 - "Get Ready For This" released by 2 Unlimited; clubbing and sports games will never be the same

* 1995 - Maxim first released in England

* 1997 - Maxim first released in the USA

* 1998 - Limp Bizkit makes the Ladies Night in Cambodia tour where ladies get in for free

* 1999 - Woodstock 99

* 2000 - Bush elected President

* 2003 - Dane Cook's "Harmful if Swallowed" released

* 2004 - "Entourage" first fiction show that meatheads watch religously on DVD/On Demand

* 2005 - Sex and money combined beautifully on MTV dating show "Next"

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